It’s tricky to navigate a housing search, not to mention the pressure of being new to a city. Our mission is to help every newcomer find their place, by listening to their needs carefully.


Our team will focus on getting you the best deal for your budget as well as providing guidance on choosing where to live and what type of rental agreement you should sign. All contracts signed with the assistance of our team are being translated to your choice of language and registered to official entities. We will keep assisting you even after you find a rental, for whatever challenge you may encounter in your daily life in Italy. 

This is how, since 2017, we have made a positive contribution to the adventures of 200+ newcomers to Milan—from international students to expats and domestic newcomers.

Legal Assistance

Finding reliable legal assistance can be very challenging especially if all you have is a search engine. Using unknown sources might result in a loss of time and money as well as miscommunication caused by a language barrier.

We work with specialized law firms speaking multiple languages, working on every imaginable legal area, including company set-ups, corporate law cases for foreign companies, issues regarding the permit of stay, rental contracts or misfortunes that may occur in daily life.

We connect our customers to the legal firm which will work the best for their needs. We do not charge a fee for this service.

Medical Assistance

Getting good medical/dental care when it is required is a crucial concern for people moving to a new country or for parents who send their children abroad.


We can help you book an appointment with the right clinic, where you can get the right medical assistance based on your needs. We do not charge a fee for this service.

Removals, Transport & Storage

Our removal, transport and storage service deals with all aspects of your move, including packing, dissembling and reassembling furniture. There is no need for our clients to come to Italy. Our team will personally pack your items, which you can observe via video-call. We also provide medium-long term storage solutions. When you're back, your items can either be picked up from our storages or delivered to your new place.

Local Services

We can help you connect to any local service that you may need during your stay in Milan. Examples include house painting services, airport transfers, cleaning, general maintenance and many more. Whatever your needs are, feel free to write us via live chat or send us an e-mailWe do not charge a fee for this service.