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About Us

Every great idea

comes out of a necessity.

Founded in 2017, MISC has grown to become a successful local solutions consultancy firm among locals, students, young professionals, corporates and expats from all around the world.  We owe our expertise to the years in which we were the newcomers, seeking help from the internet, friends of friends and desperately looking for what we offer our clients today.

When we were newcomers in Milan, we had countless difficulties settling in, made mistakes, got lost and even got scammed, but despite everything, we fell in love with this city. Now, working on making this beautiful experience easier for you is our pleasure.

Our focus is on communication and the important synergy it creates with our valued clients. Our knowledge in the local services field aided by our high standards of ethics, experience and transparency, ensures each client receives a tailored strategy for best results. In Milan, we can help you with all of your needs.

MISC has been listed among the recommended companies by the Turkish Embassy in Rome and the Turkish Consulate General in Milan and is a member of The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Turkey (CCIIST).

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